How To Tip(Gratuity) Or How Much To Tip For A Limo Service?

Limousine car drivers are called chauffeurs and these people are excellent drivers. Along with good driving skills, they also need years of experience. Limousine cars are longer than regular cars and driving them without making any mistake is a difficult job.

Aside from the driving skill, limousine car drivers also know manners. They always remain polite and always try to keep the passenger in comfort. For this reason, most people give tips (gratuity) to these chauffeurs. Here is a simple explanation of how much to tip for a limo service.

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  • Tips for airport drops and pickups

Although most airport drops and pickups are a short drive, the chauffeur may need to wait for you patiently. You won’t get this type of service from a regular taxi driver. Hence, it will be a wise decision to give the chauffeur a $5 to $10 tip. Most people give this much tip for a short limousine ride.

Limousine chauffeurs are very professional and they will always arrive 5 to 15 minutes earlier for you. For this reason, you will never miss any flight due to their fault. If you want one of the reliable modes of transportation for the airport, you can always rely on the limousine service.

  • Tips for a long drive

Long-distance travel becomes fun when you do it in a limousine. In a limousine car, you will get the best experience as a passenger. For this reason, many people are choosing limousine cars for long-distance travel. Thanks to this type of limousine service, you can reach your destination with comfort.

You should be generous to tip the chauffeur if you take a long-distance trip for more than 100 miles. For this type of drive, you can tip the chauffeur for $30 to $40. At the time of tipping, you should consider the overall experience you had on the long drive.

  • Tips for partying

These days, limousines are well known as party cars. Whether anyone is young or old, everyone likes to party inside the limousine car. Whether it is a birthday or a bachelorette party, you can do it comfortably inside the limousine on a street.

The chauffeur facilitates everything for this type of party. As a result, you can spend a good time with your friends inside the limousine car. In exchange, you should generously tip the chauffeur for his service. Generally, a $50 to $100 tip is enough for his service. This way, you can earn respect from the chauffeur.

From weddings to corporate events, limousine cars have become very common for different occasions. Although all limousine cars are very expensive, you can hire these cars at a much more comfortable rate. For this reason, everyone is taking a limousine ride to enjoy the luxury.

Most chauffeurs are experienced with multiple years of driving. Along with giving passengers a safe ride, they also take care of comfort. For this reason, these chauffeurs deserve a tip. By giving them a generous tip, you are thanking them for their service.

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