The easiest method to Custom Paint Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle custom painting adds personality for that bike. Many individuals want to get it done by themselves while some be interested in some professional. It requires time equipment and lots of different products and materials. You will need a feeling compressor, with spray guns and perhaps an airbrush, DA sander along with a buffer. Furthermore you’ll need a spot to operate. You must have ample room to maneuver. You must have lots of light and fans to get rid of the paint fumes along with over-spray.

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The Initial Step: First, you have to strip lower your motorcycle parts to exhibit metal. This can be done by 50 % different ways. The first strategy is to sand it. Utilize a DA sander or by hands. The 2nd way is to use an ingredient stripper ensure to make use of mitts. Readily etching solution when you are done.

Next Step: I recommend using this step the application of a few-stage primer. You should utilize several jackets formerly before departing it trying to find several hrs. Then you will need to sand the different. Begin with 220 grit first then visit 400 and 600 grit.

Next Step: Wipe lower obtaining a cleaner. You can purchase some inside the automotive supply store I exploit rubbing alcohol. Once the parts are dry inside the cleaner, wipe lower obtaining a tack rag and you are prepared to paint

4th Step: Paint together with your base color then follow-tabs on two to three good jackets of apparent.

Fifth Step: Sand apparent with 400 grit sandpaper, then follow-tabs on 600 grit. Apply your stripes, design or mural, anything you have selected out. Clearing before step enables you to definitely certainly take it off, in situation you decide to go wrong and begin again again.

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Sixth Step: Apply 8-12 jackets of apparent coat.

Step 7: You will need to use numerous sandpapers. Begin with 400, 600 then 1000 grit. Then make use of the really fine sandpaper the 1500, 2000 grit then finish with 2500 grit sandpaper.

Step 8: Stay away from huge compound. Use a medium buffing compound while using the white-colored-colored-colored foam pad. Next used an excellent compound while using the black foam pad. Finish through getting an anti-swirl along with a hands glaze.

There are lots of steps and materials that numerous people don’t realize. Situation a short and straightforward step-by-step. If you think you’re as much as fight a task such as this, fine. It may be fun, and certainly a trip. If you are under transporting out a bike custom painting job by yourself, you can make contact. I am looking for assembling your project to do a step-by-step, once i do that again site.


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