What is a 5th Wheel RV? Why is it Called That?

A fifth-wheel trailer is a type of RV that is normally larger than most travel trailers. These trailers resemble gooseneck trailers as a result of their tow vehicle bed hitch area.

The hitching system is set up right into the bed of whichever vehicle you plan to utilize as your tow vehicle. Most 5th wheels are able to be pulled by a gooseneck drawback, a U formed drawback, and a regular sphere drawback, every one of which can be mounted into your truck bed, besides the ball drawback which is installed in your truck’s drawback.

The hitch location makes 5th wheel trailers simpler to tow because of their better turning span, which is something most individuals will appreciate.

The concept for 5th wheels was initially created for horse-drawn carriages in the 1850s. Producers would put a straight wheel on the cargo structure that allowed the front axle to pivot by itself. This made the carrying procedure, construction equipment and despite farm, a lot easier due to the improved security, as well as maneuverability.

As time advanced right into the early-1900s, as well as the creation of emerged a style was produced, and the name rollover. Over 100 years later on we now see variants of this style throughout the globe from fifth-wheel trailers to gooseneck trailers, both of them are prominent, as well as fifth-wheel trailers are emerging as a main course of RV.

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Pros and Disadvantages of Fifth Wheel Trailers

When having a look at the top fifth wheel suppliers, it’s easy to locate many positive, as well as preferred elements.

Most of these large trailers can still be lugged by a one-ton vehicle, but a few people choose to utilize a semi-truck or sturdy truck. Let’s talk about what we feel are the most vital pros and cons of fifth-wheel campers:


  • High safety and security record
  • Gooseneck trailer hitch
  • Big space
  • Restricted trailer guide
  • Resilient trailer framework
  • Secure towing system
  • Less fuel consumption compared to Class A motorhome
  • Towable with pick up vehicle


  • Minimal dimension array
  • Require more upkeep than small travel trailers
  • Required larger storage space located throughout the offseason
  • A huge quantity of slides, even more, points to have issues with

As you can notice, the benefits of fifth-wheel trailers outnumber the drawbacks. Nevertheless, it’s still essential to maintain these drawbacks in mind when aiming to buy a fifth-wheel camper. Besides, they’re huge! Some people favor driving a small travel trailer over a huge 5th wheel.


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