What should you do if you lose the keys to your car?

You cannot predict the time when you would lose your car keys or the time they could get stolen either. The likelihood of you losing your car keys is mostly when you are out of the house or when you are on the road. But losing the car keys could prove to be a nightmare when you are in a rush, just like leaving for the office when you are having a project deadline to meet or you are going to leave your kids to school. Many people would like to know what to do after they realize that they have lost their car keys. Visit the website brixtonlocksmith.com to know some ways to resolve the issue and the benefits and drawbacks of each way.

What to do if your car keys get lost?

If you discover that you have lost your car keys but you are still in possession of your car, then you would have to immediately report the incident to the police. Unless you are working in a life-threatening situation, you need to call 101 to report the car keys getting stolen as soon as you realize it. After you have reported the incident to the police you need to get a replacement of the car keys. Besides, you would also need to get the car’s engine control unit wiped and this is to ensure that the stolen key cannot be put to use anymore. Car keys generally contain a unique chip that is only functional for your cars. As quickly as you wipe the control unit you could ensure that no one can steal your car. 

Check if you have any spare key

Car owners generally have a spare key for their cars, it could either be a manual one or an automatic one. As soon as you realize that you have lost the keys to your car, keep your cool and start looking for your spare one. Having the spare key would save you from the difficulties of needing to call out for an emergency servicing or appointing a locksmith to get another key created. When you have lost the keys to your car, always look to call out a trusted 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith to de-program the lost keys and this ensures that your vehicle is secured.  

Get in touch with an auto locksmith

Your best bet when you have lost your car keys is to get in touch with an auto locksmith as soon as possible. An auto locksmith is a mechanic who specializes in locks and car keys. Not all locksmiths have the training to deal with the locks of the cars therefore do your research properly before calling the auto locksmith for servicing your car. The auto locksmiths carry blank keys and re-coding machines with themselves and that means they will be able to replace the lost keys with ease. 

Why hire an auto locksmith to replace your car keys?

Most auto locksmiths are mobile and they should be able to come to your requested place at any time and get you the replacement for your lost keys as soon as possible. There is some information for the auto locksmiths so that they can make the replacement keys.

  • They would need to know about the make and model of your car and also the registration number of your car.
  • The Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) which you will find in the V5C  form. They will also need your Picture ID to confirm that you own the vehicle. 
  • You also need to give them the exact location where your car has broken down so that they can arrive as soon as possible to help you get out of the situation.

Hiring an auto locksmith is also considered the best option when you have lost your car keys because the locksmiths carry the key programming equipment that would help you to get replacement keys for any make and model of car. You would not have to think about outsourcing any part of your car either. Last but not least, procuring a car key from an auto locksmith is considered a cheaper option than procuring a new key from the dealership.