5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Armored Car

An armored car is a vehicle that has been upgraded with bulletproof and bombproof material to offer protection for the driver and occupants. The armored car market has been growing in recent years as the world becomes more dangerous. Many different types of vehicles can be made into armored cars, including trucks, SUVs, crossovers, sedans, and even limousines. 

The armored cars from Troy Armoring are able to protect the driver and passengers from handgun ammunition, shotgun shells, shrapnel, and other modes of attack. These armored cars can be used for executive transport, bank transactions, and by law enforcement officials. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should get an armored car.

  • First-class protection

An armored car is a safe mode of transport for officials, such as bankers and business executives. Since the armored car’s armor can stop bullets, it will protect the driver and passengers from all kinds of harm. The bulletproof glass of armored cars can withstand high-powered weapons. The windows are also made with film to prevent glass shards from flying around in the event that something breaks through them.

  • Reliability

The armored car is reliable for both short and long travels. You don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire or running out of gas because you are shielded from these problems. The armored car also has a high-powered engine that can tackle any terrain.

  • Unbreakable glass

The windows of armored cars are made with bulletproof glasses. This glass is also able to block small-caliber bullets, such as 9mm and 5.56mm, which can cause serious injuries or even deaths if they break through the windows. You can also install bulletproof screens to prevent people from shooting out your windows.

  • Reputation

The armored car market is booming, thanks to people’s increasing concern over safety. This is because the government and various companies, such as banks and hotels offer armored cars for use. Many people are concerned about the safety of their valuables and their family members, and they choose an armored car to ensure a safe transition. 

  • Inconspicuous Looks

The armored car looks like a normal vehicle from the outside but is able to offer protection for those inside them. You can move your valuables without worrying about the safety of your car and the people inside using armored cars. 


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