Bumper repair: A Tricky Task To Be Handled By Specialists Only

The great majority of businesses has a well-defined organizational structure that includes both management and repair personnel. Using the phrase “does it everything” in this line of work is not appropriate, particularly when it comes to the most fundamental activities like bodywork or painting. There are some employees that excel at both tasks, but it is more common for each to be handled by a bumper repair culver city specialist.

Hammer or Body Shop

As the hammer service is cheaper than the body shop, sometimes the customer goes to the workshop and wants to solve everything with the first one. But if the paint came out, there’s no talk: it’s a body shop. Hammer of gold, is a technique that was born in car factories to remove small dents where the paint was not removed.

There is even a course to teach the technique and the tools used are specific: this is a very delicate job. Hundreds of taps are needed to correct the dent, so it is only done in small areas. If the workshop offers the service, it’s probably because it actually has a trained technician: it’s difficult for someone to take a risk because they won’t be able to “cheat” in such a detailed type of service. There are workshops that do not have a specialist, but outsource this service.

Smoothing Is Not Always Good

If a knock that removed paint is not a case for a hammer, one that resulted in a cut in the plate or major damage is not even a case for bodywork. Evaluate the situation: de-kneading is indicated for small repairs, such as the famous “scrapes”. Understand that any rework on sheet metal (de-crushing, heating, tin plated) causes changes in the structural strength of the sheet. It becomes less malleable, more rigid, and with time and use of the car, permanent deformation can arise.

For workshops that have MIG welding, this problem is minimized, as the heat from the weld is concentrated in a small area, preserving the structure of the sheet. In the case of bumpers, however, rework is a more economical option, especially for imported vehicles in which the price of parts is up to ten times higher in relation to the value of rework. If you choose a new part, at the end of the service, request to see the old part.

Refurbished Part (Dismantle)

The subject is controversial. If we think from the sustainability side, it’s okay to use a refurbished part. As long as the service is performed well, the result will be satisfactory. However, if we consider that part of this market is supplied illegally, accepting parts from other cars generates a certain discomfort. One way or another, the important thing is that the use or not of these parts must be agreed in advance, even because new parts cost more.

Will You Paint? Look At Cleaning

One of the major concerns at the automakers’ facilities is the cleanliness of the painting sector, so much so that most do not even allow visitors to visit it and the employees all work covered. Any dust or dust is reason to stop the production line. Of course, the workshops are not as sophisticated as the factories, but the good ones have a paint booth, polishing tools with a vacuum cleaner and uniformed employees. Protecting the rest of the bodywork with appropriate material is important: avoid anyone who uses newspaper, as the acid in the leaves can leave stains. The ideal is to cover the car with special paper sold by paint stores, which does not dissolve when in contact with the paint, does not stain and does not stick to the bodywork.


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