Customizing Options Offered in the 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C

Are your much-awaited holidays are a few days away? Are you still in the dilemma of choosing an ideal RV, as they all seem to be equally marvelous and tempting? Well, here we have a Holiday Rambler model well in stock of the Des Moines motorhome dealer, and the name itself appears to be quite relevant and ideal as an RV that is specifically crafted to make the holidays memorable.

What we liked the most in the 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C models are the customizable options offered in them. It offers its buyers all the options to make their RV the most accommodating and luxurious family space to travel in. So, here is a list of options to customize your 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C model and simply start your days of vacation and have loads of fun.

Feature Highlights

As you enter the luxurious mainstay of the 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C model, the first thing you will probably notice is the 82″ Sofa that is perfectly arranged with a center table and an End Table aligned perfectly to let you watch your favorite programs on the 40″ LED TV. As you proceed towards the bedroom, a cozy room will welcome you and make you feel at home with its King-Size Bed at once. It is a place you can retire for the day with your family and have some before-the-bedtime fun. The interior of the 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C models spread about 123 Cu. Ft. to offer enough storage options with height and length Adjustable Shelves.

Customizable Options

Traveling in a 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C allows you to enjoy endless advantages of having your own moving accommodation. The said RV model will make you feel instantaneously cozy with its thoughtfully arranged interior.

The 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C sets up a mainstay with the most luxurious bedroom equipped with a king-size bed from Serenity Series. It allows you to freshen up in a shower cubicle that offers you to customize the washroom, with a seating arrangement, if you want. You can also equip the kitchen as per your choice with any kind of residential features you can afford to have, just to make your holiday life more and more convenient and comfortable. In a 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C model, you can separate the main living area from the seating and sleeping space with a help of a slide-out partition. It offers you a Hide-a-Loft option fixed at the ceiling which you can drop down as and when required, and it also includes an in-built TV.

A 2022 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 33C model allows you to stay connected with the virtual world through the latest connectivity and information technology products. You can log on to your internet services through a Wi-Fi Ranger Sky4 app, charge your electronic devices through a 120V plug and several USB ports. Most of your electrical appliances can be charged and run through a 100w solar panel, while the manufacturer offers you more power options with four auxiliary batteries so that you never fall short of power at the middle of your journey, proclaimed the sales team of the RV dealer near Des Moines.


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