Diamond Shield Management Korea Tips on How to Protect New Car Paint

2022 is a year of new beginnings. You finally got a new immaculate car after much dedication and hard work. Whether the new vehicle is your first or one of many, it’s another milestone you must celebrate. You may want to maintain its pristine condition without spending too much on aftercare services and products.

According to Diamond Shield Management Korea, paint longevity is one of the many new car owner concerns, especially since you wouldn’t want your brand new car to look old after a few days. Read on to discover the best ways to protect your new car’s paint and prevent premature wear and tear.

1. Practice best car washing techniques

One of the surest ways to maintain your new car’s spark is to exercise proper washing practices, as Diamond Shield Management Korea told. Before washing, you need to park your vehicle in an area away from direct sunlight because the hot then cold temperature and water pressure will affect your paint texture.

Here are some tips on how to wash your new car for longer-lasting paint:

  1. Use a soft, clean cloth to remove grime, dirt, and dust. Spray water to get rid of the dirt before using any products.
  2. Give thorough cleaning with a gentle automotive cleaner, not regular soap or dish detergent, since these contain intense chemicals that may ruin the car’s paint.
  3. Gently remove bird droppings and hardened mud stains. You can use an automotive cleanser or a no-salt seltzer to remove dried droppings and an automotive clay bar to soften mud stains without damaging the paint.

Thoroughly rinse the car exterior to remove all chemical residues and dry with a soft microfiber rug. Ensure your vehicle is appropriately rinsed and dried to prevent dirt buildups. Proper car cleaning will ensure that its brand new paint will last longer.

2. Polish with wax or use a paint sealant

Wax keeps the car looking brand new, improves the clear coating luster, and acts as a protective layer against bug splatters, bird droppings, and UV damage. Ensure the car is spotless before applying wax to prevent trapped dirt and residue.

Diamond Shield Management Korea review finds that paint sealants have a similar yet improved effect to car wax. It is simple to use and works well with polish and wax to produce a glassy look, and the results last longer, so you can maintain it twice a year. It works best with new cars because paint sealant can end up highlighting swirl marks, scratches, and paint imperfections.

3. Park it correctly and use a car cover when parking overnight

Where you park your car can also determine how long it will keep looking brand new and fresh. You need to ensure that it’s away from harmful elements like debris, free-falling fruits, and other things. If you don’t have a choice on where you can park your car, at least secure a car cover to protect it.

Car paints are generally prone to extreme temperature and weather issues, so keeping your vehicle under a cover is essential to maintaining paint quality. Use a protective surface if you park your car outside overnight, and ensure the cover surface is the right fit to prevent wind from whipping the loose ends.


Adequately maintaining your car paint can keep your vehicle looking fresh and mint even after several years. The painted exterior is not the only car part you should tend to; you also need to check its engine and other components. It would be best if you took excellent care of your car to ensure it will last a long time.




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