Fine Choices With The 2022 Bmw 8 Series Review

Elegantly designed coupe and convertible models make up the 2023 BMW 8-series lineup. These automobiles combine massive dimensions with lavish interiors. However, both of the two-door models are terrific options for driving the streets, despite the fact that they are neither as visually spectacular nor as practical as the four-door 8-series Gran Coupe form (which was evaluated separately).

The 8 coupe and convertible feature a pair of exquisite engines to match their attractiveness. The tough 523-horsepower twin-turbo V-8 provides them all the muscle they need. The M8 models that have been tested independently are an excellent option if you are looking for the most extreme performance. There are a few issues with the 2023 8-series’ interior design, including as the lack of visibility to the outside and the tiny backseat. While the Lexus LC may get more attention, the BMWs provide a more premium driving experience with a better balance of ride and handling. The 2022 bmw 8 series review tells a lot.

What Can We Expect in 2023?

BMW’s 8-series coupes and convertibles will get modest updates in 2023, including a restyled front fascia with a standard illuminated kidney grille. There are new metallic paint colours, including Skyscraper Grey, San Remo Green, Portimao Blue, and Frozen Pure Grey, available for both of these body styles, as well as upgraded wheel designs. In addition to the M logo in the grille, the M850i has aerodynamic side mirrors like those on the M8 models.

The M Sport Package Professional, which is only available on the coupe, includes black-painted brake callipers and dark grille and headlamp highlights. As part of this package, the M850i gets a black spoiler for the rear. When it comes to commemorating the 50th anniversary of BMW M’s performance division, the M850i may now be customised with the classic M logo in place of the BMW roundel badges that were previously present on the vehicle’s exterior. From a starting point of 10.3 inches, the internal touchscreen may be expanded to a maximum of 12.3 inches.

The Engine, the Transmission, and the Performance

This turbocharged six-cylinder engine powers BMW’s most powerful coupe and convertible, which both have a 335 horsepower output. xDrive, which BMW identifies to as all-wheel drive, is standard on certain 840i models. This car also has an eight-speed automatic transmission. Even though we haven’t put the 8 with the six-cylinder engine to the test, BMW has earned its reputation for silky smooth and rapid powertrains, so only those who are obsessed with speed are likely to be disappointed. Rather, we tested the M850i’s standard 523-horsepower twin-turbo V-8, eight-speed automatic gearbox, and all-wheel drive in both body styles. Even in the vehicle’s most aggressive setting, this combination produces astonishing acceleration for a car of the BMW’s size and excellent acoustics.


Using the right foot of the driver, you may switch the gearbox from the relaxed to the reactive mode in a similar method. Most importantly, the 8-series lives up to its boasts as a grand-tourer by giving an extraordinarily peaceful ride and a degree of agility that is completely surprising. This vehicle has a linear and straight steering sensation, but it removes road faults and front-tire input from the data stream. No matter whatever driving mode you choose for the 8’s adaptive dampers, when they are in their most stiff setting, the car is very stable in corners.


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