How Safe Is It To Get Vehicle Insurance Quotes Online?

Buying insurance online can be an effortless process but it also involves concerns with securitywhen transacting online.  In order to provide customers with a seamless insurance buying process, insurance companies have made the entire process of buying motor insurance online safe. However, it is still advisable to read those fines lines stated as terms and conditions before finalising your deal online.

How to  Get Vehicle Insurance Quotes Online?

Before purchasing vehicle insurance online, a customer can look for the quote from the preferred insurance company’s app, website or aggregator’s website. This can help customers select the most affordable plan. However, to get a quote, a customer might have to enter his/her details.

Is It Safe To Provide Details Online?

Few people think entering details on online portals might be unsafe but insurance companies make it sure they keep the information shared by their customers discreet and solely help the customers in buying the policy. Also, insurance companies do not ask for any OTP shared in your mobile or bank details.Incase if you find the process involves sharing your bank details, verify with your insurer before sharing any information.

Aggregator websites also help customers compare different quotes. However, such websites share the customer’s information with advertisers and insurance companies.

Tips to Follow When Purchasing Insurance Online

Apart from checking quotes, the online method can also help customers buy insurance effortlessly. For all those who consider vehicle insurance online unsafe, here are few tips to keep their funds safe while buying vehicle insurance online.

Opt for an IRDAI Registered Insurance Company

It’s recommended to purchase a policy from an insurance company registered under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Such companiesensure the safety of every transaction as the IRDAI keeps a track ofany malpractices.

Check Customer Reviews

It’s wise to check customer reviews when purchasing insurance. Customer reviews can allow an individual to understand if an insurance company is trustworthy.  Reviews can also help find out if people have faced transaction issues.

Don’t Fall for Counterfeit Offers

Counterfeit offers are used for phishing scams. They trick customers into giving their bank details by providing unbelievable vehicle insurance offers. To ensure safety against such scams, customers should call the insurer and ask about the offer. They should buy the policy only if the insurer confirms the offer.

Inaccurate Details of the Insurer

If the information on an insurance company’s website is inaccurate,it is wise to stay away from such a company. Notify the insurer about any discrepancies. Buy thepolicy only if the insurer provides a correct explanation of the information.

Final word

Buying insurance online saves a lot of time, reduces the documentation part, and is cost-effective. One can access the policy documents online while also having clarity on the insurance which was otherwise quite tedious. You can even settle your claims online effortlessly with reputed insurance companies. Also buying insurance with such reputed companies are a breeze, you just need to provide basic information, select your policy and pay.


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