IS C8 Corvette the Best Corvette Ever Made?

High assumptions are a bitch. Whether you are anticipating Ron Howard’s following movie, Adele’s next album, or Christian Yelich’s following at-bat, it is human only to perceive a little deflated if it does not turn out simply the means you’d dreamed it would. And also, so, the depreciation capacity is high with the new mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette.

From the minute that rumors appeared that the engine in the following C8-generation Corvette could move behind the seats, the anticipation that the vehicle would be a development, a discovery, as well as a revolution has followed it like a moon shadow. And, it does look more like a Ferrari than a Corvette, with the same cabin-forward percentages as every hyper-fast, megadollar exotic on the marketplace. Also, we’ve driven it thoroughly. So, has Chevrolet developed a supercar for the masses, an American Ferrari, or a better Corvette? The solution is, of course; however, with an asterisk. It’s made complex.

Immersive Exposure

We did our judging by investing a week in a C8 outfitted with the $5000 track-capable Z51 Performance bundle, as well as optional FE4 magnetorheological dampers, an added $1895, the best variation available at launch. We drove it over the road. Then we track-tested Corvette C8 to inspect its functional capabilities. And we counted laps at the Grattan Raceway exterior of Grand Rapids, in the C8, as well as likewise, equipped C7-generation Z51 Vette to check if the mid-engine version’s claimed handling benefit on its front-engine antecedents is real.

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After all that pushing and poking, we have concluded that the new C8 is amazing, magnificent, as well as very qualified. Perhaps even cutting edge. And we have likewise involved the realization that, in spite of its long listing of engaging characteristics, it’s still not all the things we had wished it would be. As we claimed, it’s complicated.

Whatever the expectations of the world for the C8 Corvette, Chevy is having its own image. Yes, the company intended to interest younger customers who when added posters of Lamborghini Countach’s to their room walls. Yet the Corvette, once again called the Stingray, was developed to inhabit the same place in the marketplace as previously. Some half of Corvette customers purchase the entry-level model, which is why a base C8 opts for simply $59,995, thousands of thousands less than the Ferraris, McLarens, and Lamborghinis it looks like. Nor did the Corvette group intend to surprise its faithful owners with a car so unusual that they could not abide it. “First we developed a mid-engine car,” a Corvette team insider informed us. “After that, we had to transform it into a Corvette.” That’s the framework within which to evaluate the new C8.


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