NRS Brakes Introduces Galvanized Brake Pads For Lucid Cars

Brake Pads For Lucid Cars

Winter is coming soon. And with it, comes everything we love about the holidays; family gatherings, pumpkins, christmas trees, and extreme cold that rusts car parts and can cause brake failure! Well, maybe that last part isn’t your favorite but it’s definitely a side effect of the season. Especially so for electric vehicles such as Lucid, whose brake pads require extra special attention and with lack of use can be prone to decay. That is why NRS Brakes galvanized brake pads are the perfect choice to counteract the incoming storm and ensure the proper functioning/extended life of your EV brakes.

What does Galvanized mean?

Any part that is galvanized is essentially coated with an extra layer of material for additional coverage and protection from the elements. For example, the NRS steel brake pads are galvanized with a layer of zinc plating to maintain functionality and ensure material integrity. What sets the NRS brake pads apart, however, is NRS Brakes also uses patented NRS attachment technology ensuring the friction material never delaminates from the backing plate, giving you more secure, safer stops. This attachment fuses the backing plate to the friction material, creating an indestructible bond

Why Galvanized Brake Pads are Better for Lucid Cars

Despite the exploding popularity of hybrids and electric vehicles, car manufacturers have been slow to adjust their products to take into account the reduced use of brake pad friction due to regenerative braking. What happens is the electric motor in Lucid cars slows the vehicle down in a process known as regenerative braking, resulting in less frequent use of the brake pads. This can cause moisture buildup, corrosion, and premature brake failure in brake pads not designed to last without constant use. And in the winter time, when frigid winds and extra rainfall kick in, this process can only be exacerbated. With the galvanization process, NRS Brakes provides the best brake pads for Lucid cars or any other EV whose brake pads require extra protection from the elements.

A majority of aftermarket brake pads today use painted back plates and inconsistently applied adhesives to bond the friction material to the back plate. These adhesives are easily thermally degraded during normal service. NRS Brakes zinc plated protection prevents corrosion, affording a very robust rust inhibition over the lifetime of the brake pad. Brake pads shouldn’t need to be replaced for back-plate corrosion well before they actually wear out!

Only NRS Brakes have specifically engineered their new EV galvanized brake pads to account for less frequent moisture dissipation and increased corrosion risk typical of EV and hybrid brake pads. NRS Brakes’ extends the life of the brake pad, reducing replacement costs, improving overall performance, and increasing your enjoyment of owning an electric vehicle. Click on our website to learn more about our patented technology, and purchase your own today.


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