Reduce Noise from Diesel Heaters

A diesel heater collects air from the outside in the same manner that a gas heater draws air from a pipe outside and puts it into the heater’s combustion chamber. The air is mixed with diesel, and the diesel’s air is ignited instantly, causing the heat exchanger’s surface area to generate heat. 

Installing a diesel heater is simple and does not require a license. Still, it is recommended that it be done by a professional to avoid damage and guarantee that it is done correctly. It is also essential to keep an eye on the diesel performance from time to time to avoid costly repairs and engine failure.

Tips on reducing diesel heater noise from vehicles

    • A rubber gasket is located between the heater and the mounting plate. It helps keep the exhaust gases out of the carriage and serves as a shock absorber, reducing the noise produced by the heater. Getting the rubber gasket replaced is essential since it can deteriorate with time. 
  • Diesel heaters often come with hard nylon fuel lines. The fuel line can transmit the pulse from the fuel pump due to its hardness, meaning the fuel line can make noise by tapping against hard surfaces. Threading the fuel line through cable ties to keep it away from the chassis or other harsh objects can be a quick fix. 
  • Enclosing the fuel line in a conduit pipe is another way to reduce noise transmission. 
  • One of the probable noise sources is the poor exhaust connection, which causes the heater and the exhaust pipe to resonate. Heavy-duty exhaust clamps can prevent this from happening as they can securely hold the exhaust pipe in position at the heater combustion exhaust vent, thus eliminating resonance.
  • The fuel pump should not be installed in a hollow area of the chassis. The fuel pump’s location may minimize noise or cause an echo, making the sound louder.

Install a diesel heater today!

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