Things to know about the all-new 2023 Toyota bZ4X

Toyota has re-entered the EV segment with the introduction of the all-new 2023 Toyota bZ4X. It has an exceptional design and power that help it to compete with any of its rivals in the market. Electric cars are in demand nowadays and thus, to get this, you can reach Eagle Toyota dealer instantly. Nevertheless, before you purchase it, there are a few things that you should know about it.

Things to know about this vehicle

Electric motors, performance, battery details, design, and pricing are the factors that one should know about. Hence, these are discussed in detail below for people who are seriously considering getting an electric car shortly.

Electric powertrain

Its Standard powertrain comes with a singular motor and FWD setup; it provides drivers with 201 horses matching most of its rivals in this category. However, there is an AWD setup available too for people; it has two different motors and increases horsepower to 215.

Perky acceleration is what people can expect from this vehicle, especially when going around in a town. To reach 0-60 mph this vehicle takes 6.4 seconds only. Steering comes with decent weight and offers a compliant riding experience. Also, it can augment regenerative braking by using a button available on its center console.

Battery life, range, and more

Both powertrains come with similar battery packs; its single-motor powertrain has a battery pack of 63.4 kWh and the dual-motor version has a 65.5 kWh battery pack. This vehicle’s FWD system is expected to offer a driving range of 242-252 miles depending on the trims and its AWD system will offer 222-228 miles. Though its driving range is quite high, most people prefer to use this vehicle within city limits for everyday commuting activities.

Furthermore, there is an onboard charger of 6.6 kw that can fully charge the battery within 9 hours using a level 2 outlet/supply. Using a DC fast-charging station will allow people to charge this car to 80% within an hour. In addition, buyers can charge their car for free for a year at different EVgo locations. You can know more by reaching Eagle Toyota dealership.

Design and features

bZ4X comes with a stunning exterior design. Sharp attention to detail along with distinct-looking headlights and amazing trim colors makes it instantly attractive to people. Similarly, the interior is designed likewise to appeal to buyers.

The interior is quite spacious, airy, and its dashboard has a central touchscreen of 12.3 inches that overall offers a kind of futuristic look. Standard features include smartphone wireless mirroring and navigation; however, a navigation subscription is free for the first three years after that people will have to pay subscriptions to use it.

Other features people can enjoy include open storage, wireless charging for phones, etc. However, optional features consist of radiant heating for front seats along with a host of other techs. Lastly, people can hold ample carry-ons as the cargo space ranges from 26-28 cubic feet.

People should know these things before booking a 2023 Toyota bZ4X. It is an excellent electric car to buy, the price of which starts from just $43,335.


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