Tips for Using an HVLP Paint Sprayer

Are you looking to perform your own spotting repair job on your car? If so, consider a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer to do the task! Because they provide finer mists, they are performed for smaller detail work like this. However, as you are likely not a professional painter, you might need to learn how to work one of these guns properly.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you perform this job, and the following article will discuss them thoroughly. However, before you can take any of it into consideration, make sure you are choosing the best spray gun on the market. Apollo Sprayers’ tools provide the most accurate results on the market and are easy to control, thanks to adjustments that fan up to 12 inches.

Cover Up Surrounding Areas

Because you are only doing spotting work, you do not need to worry about painting up your whole car. It would help if you merely got that marred area looking brand new. A common occurrence that many paint guns can cause is overspray, which splatters onto multiple regions. Even if it does not do too much to the surrounding area of your car’s body, it can muck up your windows or windshield.

Either use cloths or use tape to cover up these areas. Such techniques can also work as a guideline so you know exactly where you want to spray paint. Thankfully, if you choose Apollo Sprayers, you won’t have to worry about as much overspray. Their sprayers use turbine power which makes for steadier streams of paint.

Test the Paint

Before you add paint directly to your car, you will need to make sure it is the right color and that it can actually spray out of the gun. Certain paint materials only work for some HVLP guns and can quickly get jammed. Take a piece of scrap wood or metal and spray at it first to avoid trouble.

The sprayers provided by Apollo Sprayers can handle both water and solvent-based paints. The company’s website also offers sprayers specific to primers, basecoats, and clearcoats, so that all layers of the job can be done with ease. Remember, a primer is needed before a base coat so that the paint will actually bond to your car. The clear coat will then act as a protectant.

Cleaning After Usage

Whenever you are finished with your paint job, it is important that you take the time to clean your sprayer. If paint resides in it too long, it can harden and lead to it becoming too obstructed to use again. The best way to clean out the gun is by using acetone or paint thinner. You will want to keep spraying the gun until the liquid dispersed is clear.

You will also need to take the gun apart and scrub the nozzles and siphon cups thoroughly. It is also crucial that all paint and cleaners are tossed in a safe manner, as certain types can be damaging to the environment or certain materials.

Why Choose Apollo Sprayers

Doing paintwork is a relatively easy task if you have the right tools and follow the proper procedures. When you choose Apollo Sprayers, the job is even easier. They know that their users have different levels of knowledge on this type of task, so they offer different types of turbine sprayers. Whether you be a beginner or an auto mechanic working on collision repair, their website carries something you can use.

Because of their lack of overspray, Apollo Sprayers’ equipment will save you money. You won’t have to worry about using more paint than you ever need, and the transfer rate of their guns is always guaranteed to be at least 80%. This is especially true when you use their latest version of HVLP sprayers from their brand Maxi-Misers.

Small flaws in your car can absolutely change its overall appearance, but you don’t have to worry about taking it to a body shop for repairs. Take the initiative and do it all for yourself. With Apollo Sprayers on your side, you are sure to feel like a professional after seeing the results.


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